Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Indonesia's Newest Superhero, BIMA Satria Garuda Revealed

Indonesia's MNC and Japan's Ishimori Production will produce a new Indonesian superhero show called "BIMA Satria Garuda" that is set to premiere in the said country this June 30th.

In a parallel world ruled by the organization called VUDO led by the evil Rasputin (played by Sutan Simatupang), he aims to seize our world's natural resources. An Earthling named Ray Bramasakti (played by Christian Loho) was chosen to be a hero to protect the Earth from VUDO's attacks.

The show's executive producer, Reino Barrack wishes that the show's production qualities can be compared with global standards because of its famous partner. Barrack also said that he wanted to make a positive impression that teaches the values ​​of kindness, courage, friendship, and unyielding spirit in defense of truth through a series that has been prepared since two years ago.

The series stars Christian Loho as the titular hero Ray Bramasakti/BIMA, Rayhan Hidalgo as Randy Iskandar, JKT48's Stella Cornelia as Rena Iskandar, Adhitya Alkatiri as Mikhail and Sutan Simatupang as Rasputin.

Like most Ishimori Production produced titles like Kamen Rider and Super Sentai, Bandai will be making the show's toys, which will range from action figures, role play toys and etc.

BIMA Satria Garuda will have 26 episodes, which will begin airing this June 30 every Sunday at 8:30 am with replays every Saturday at 3:00 pm on RCTI. There are also plans to release the show overseas, planned countries include Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

Source: ANTARA News (link 2), KAORI Nusantara
Special thanks to 4chan's /m/ board for the heads up!

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