Thursday, May 9, 2013

BIMA Satria Garuda Character Profiles

A couple of days ago, we have info about BIMA Satria Garuda, an Indonesian superhero show co-produced by Japan's Ishimori Production. In addition to that info, we now have the character profiles of the show's heroes and villians!

Ray Bramasakti (played by Christian Loho) is the show's main protagonist and transforms into the titular hero. Ray is an orphan and is close friends with Randy and Rena. This honest and quiet man is a technician in Satria Motor.

Using the Red Power Stone given by the mysterious Mikhail, Ray transforms into BIMA! As BIMA, he is granted the agility, focus and strength of a Garuda. His weapon is the Helios, which will come flying out from the sun once called. His finishing move is the Garuda Strike.

Randy Iskandar (played by Rayhan Hidalgo) is Ray's best friend since high school and acts as his big brother. Also known as Ray Way, he is an orphan who inherited his wealth from his parents. He is currently living his uncle who saved his life as a child.

Rena Iskandar (played by JKT48's Stella Cornelia) is Randy's younger sister. An innocent and naive girl, she tries her best to help BIMA only to end up getting in his way by getting kidnapped, etc. She admires her older brother and Ray, and she is in love with Ray.

Rasputin (played by Sutan Simatupang) is the head of the evil organization VUDO, a group that came from a parallel world whose goal is to get our planet's natural resources. It uses the power of the Black Power Stone as main power resource.

Topeng Besi (literally translates as Iron Mask) is Rasputin's right hand man and the captain of their warship. The face behind the mask is still unknown and he has the power of the Blue Power Stone.

Some of the monsters under the VUDO organization include: Tiger Monsterman, Scorpion Monsterman and Lizard Monsterman. The show will later introduce Azazel who fights BIMA for Rasputin. He weilds a weapon called Toranus (God of Thunder). Lastly, VUDO's foot soldiers are called Prajurit VUDO.

BIMA Satria Garuda will have 26 episodes, which will begin airing this June 30 every Sunday at 8:30 am with replays every Saturday at 3:00 pm on RCTI. There are also plans to release the show overseas, planned countries include Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

Source: JEFusion, 4chan's /m/ board (images)

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