Monday, October 8, 2012

SPECULATION: New Kamen Rider Decade Movie Next Year?

Japanese shopping sites listed a new edition of Kamen Rider Decade's K-Touch called "Super Best K-Touch", which will be released early in 2013. The thing is, Bandai will not make a new version of an old toy unless they are planning to make a new movie.

Last year, Bandai reissued the DecaDriver and the Double Driver to commemorate the release of Super Hero Taisen. According to older reports, once the movie is successful, they will make Super Hero Taisen a year fare similar to what they did with the Movie Wars movies.

Considering that one of the hacked sounds from the WizarDriver is Super Sentai, it is quite likely that Toei and Bandai will use this opportunity to churn Super Sentai Rings.

via Rising Sun Tokusatsu

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