Saturday, October 6, 2012

Kamen Rider Wizard Second Quarter Toy Catalog

The second quarter toy catalog for Kamen Rider Wizard recently surfaced online, revealing the secondary Rider of the series, Kamen Rider Beast and some new Wizard Rings for the movie!

His transformation device is called the Beast Driver. For it to function, he inserts the Beast Color, transforming the user into Kamen Rider Beast. According to reports, the Beast Driver also comes with the Eagle Ring and the Chameleon Ring. Beast also has his own Ring Holder and the DX toy release also comes with the Dolphin Ring.

His main weapon is the Dice Saber that comes with the Ox/Bull Ring. When Beast uses the weapon's finisher, a dice inside the ring will start rolling, which will then be stopped by sticking the ring inside the Ring socket. Depending on where the ring stops, the weapon appears to have various animal themed effects. The scan also reveals that Beast will wear a Red matador-esque cloak.

Here are some new Wizard Rings for Kamen Rider Wizard. First is the Land Dragon Ring that will transform Wizard into Kamen Rider Wizard Land Dragon, an upgrade to Kamen Rider Wizard Land Style.

In addition, here are some Wizard Rings that will debut in the upcoming Movie Wars Ultimatum, these rings are: Five, Time and Fourze Rings. Lastly, here are the two new Wizard Rings included in Wizard Ring Set 4: Excite and Dress Up Rings.

Here's a sketch of Kamen Rider Beast and the Beast Chimera for the WAP! (Wizard Action Please!) toy line. As the name suggest, the Beast Chimera is composed of different creatures and these creatures are as follows: a gold lion, an orange eagle, a green chameleon, a blue dolphin and a red ox.

Based on the scan, he can use any of the animals mentioned as his cloak. This figure is set for a January release.

Here's another image of WAP! Kamen Rider Wizard Flame Dragon, Wizard Hurricane Dragon, Wizard Water Dragon and Wizard Land Dragon. Based on the image, Wizard can combine some parts of each Dragon form, the parts that he can combine are: Flame Dragon's chest, Hurricane Dragon's wings, Water Dragon's tail and Land Dragon's claws.

According to some source, the name of this new form is the Kamen Rider Wizard All Dragon! To those who asked if we will see this form in the series, yes, it will appear in the series as we saw the first live action shot of this form beside Kamen Rider Beast! These figures are set for a February/March release.

Lastly, here are three new PlaMonsters for the series: Black Cerberus, Green Griffin and Purple Golem. It is still unknown who will use these new PlaMonsters.

Similar to the previous three secondary Riders, it is likely that Kamen Rider Beast will make his debut in the upcoming Kamen Rider Wizard & Fourze: Movie Wars Ultimatum.

Source: JEFusion, RRROtoku (link 2), Alpha Hero Shock

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