Monday, October 15, 2012

Hiroshi Tamaki is Iron Chef's New Chairman!

After the announcement of a new Iron Chef show in Japan, fans wondered if Chairman Takeshi Kaga will return to his Kitchen Stadium. That is until it was recently announced that actor Hiroshi Tamaki (Nodame Cantabile) will be the show's new chairman.

In a press conference held after the first recording at the new studio, Tamaki revealed that he had doubts about the offer, "Kaga has a really strong image and I wondered whether I'm really the right choice for this position." He accepted the offer because he wanted to challenge something new now that he's over his 30's.

Tamaki looked back at the first recording and stated, "I was so tense that I didn't feel anything." He was still wearing that black suit with the golden embroidery during the press conference. "I probably shouldn't wear this outside the studio," he joked.

The new Kitchen Stadium.

"It's based on my own ideas and features a Japanese touch." He was asked if he has his own signature phrase like Chairman Kaga and replied that he has one but it is still a secret.

Also part of the show are two Fuji TV announcers Mizuki Sano and Yurika Mita as well as comedian Daisuke Miyagawa.

The new Iron Chef premieres on Friday, October 26 with its first episode having two matches and thus will start at 7:00 pm. The series will begin its normal run at 7:57 pm every Friday.

Source: Anime News Network, tokyohive

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