Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Digimon Fusion New Info, Marketing Trailer

With the confirmation that Digimon Xros Wars will be released in the US under the name "Digimon Fusion", here's the marketing trailer for the anime found in the official Marvista Entertainment website.

There is another world beyond our own. A digital world where powerful creatures known as "Digimon" battle for supremacy. But the fate of the Digital World is at risk by evil forces, and the Digimon need our help. A young, human boy named Mikey (Taiki) is transported into the digital world along with his two best friends. The kids meet a feisty Digimon called Shoutmon and his formidable but quirky Digimon companions.

Brave Shoutmon longs to be the benevolent "King of the Monsters", and ask for the kids help to achieve his goal. Compassionate Mikey immediately agrees to help, setting up an epic adventure and engaging in extraordinary duels like none you've ever seen before. Now, the fate of the digital world lies in the hands of the extraordinary human boy.

Source: RRROtoku, Rising Sun Tokusatsu

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