Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Kamen Rider Wizard: Cait Sidhe, Lizardman

In the upcoming weeks, Kamen Rider Wizard will once again meet the first Phantom he saw after the ceremony. His name is the Lizardman Phantom and he will try to give birth to a new Phantom.

But before that episode, the Cait Sidhe Phantom's secret is now out and he is having a hard time opening the Gate. Yugo aka Phoenix's directive is clear and cannot be ignored. Meanwhile, even though lacking enough mana, Haruto transforms into Wizard once again to track down the Phantom, and tries on capturing it.

Haruto knows that Takagi, who is now in the competition, will not able to win when he is distracted from being attacked by the Phantom. Haruto questions him, "Do you really want me to attack the Phantom?"

Later in the series, the Lizardman Phantom appears. This is the Phantom which Haruto saw at the ritual. There are a lot of Phantoms born from the ceremony, and each of them took a form of a human.

via JEFusion

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