Friday, July 20, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Rider Quiz Episode 3

Here's the 3rd episode of the Kamen Rider Quiz Blu-ray specials wherein the cast of Kamen Rider Fourze talks about past Riders. In this episode, Miu Kazashiro talks about Kamen Rider V3!

Miu talks about all we need to know about Kamen Rider V3 and later, starts a quiz about Kamen Rider V3 based on the clips of the original 1973 series that was featured in this episode. The team that wins the quiz will win a Kamen Rider V3 figure!

With Miu hosting this episode, Kengo and Shun formed a team called "Rider #1 and #2 Team"! With this new team, can the Freshman Team who lost for two consecutive episodes will bounce back and win the coveted Rider figures?

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