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Kamen Rider Wizard Plot, Characters Revealed

The barrage of news about Kamen Rider Wizard continues as we have the news about the show's recent press conference! Along with it, TV-Asahi posted the character bios of the series along with the show's plot!

Kamen Rider Wizard fights enemies that are born on the day of a solar eclipse during an ancient ceremony. These enemies are called "Apparitions". Haruto and Koyomi survive the solar eclipse, Haruto disguises himself as Kamen Rider Wizard with the transformation tools given to him by a mysterious white magician.

Now, embuded with this strange power, it becomes his fate to fight demons. Beyond the creation of the evil demons, what was the purpose of the ceremony on the day of the solar eclipse? And what does the hero’s future hold now that he has been fated to fight as Wizard?

Kamen Rider Wizard has four forms: Flame Style (red), Water Style (blue), Hurricane Style (green) and Land Style (yellow). The abilities of each "Style" is self explanatory. Anyways, here are some more details about Wizard's Flame Style.

Wizard's default form is the Flame Style that he can gain access using the WizarDriver and the Flame Ring. His other rings are the Big Ring, Copy Ring and Connect Ring. The functions of each Ring is self explanatory. More info about the other forms to be revealed in later weeks.

Souma Haruto aka Kamen Rider Wizard played by Shunya Shiraishi
Souma Haruto hides his true self under a lighter, easily-amused persona. Ever since he started fighting demons, he stopped caring about his ordinary life and is now focusing on fighting for peace. He loves donuts more than anything. His actor, Shunya comments about his character, "I'm proud to take on the mantle of Kamen Rider."

Koyomi played by Okunaka Makoto (PASSPO)
Koyomi is a strange but fragile girl with a mysterious past, but is she a human or something else? She’s at the center of the mystery revolving around this series. An expert fortune teller, she supports others through her ability to tell the future. Due to her low blood pressure, she seems to always be low on energy. She is living together with Haruto on an antique shop.

Shunpei Nara played by Junki Tozuka
A young man who aspires to become a magician and find a great master. After meeting Haruto, he aspires to become his disciple. He tries his best to help Haruto, but he’s usually unable to help. Though he can be a bit of a trouble maker at times, he has a cheerful personality.

Daimon Riko played by Yuko Takayama
A rookie detective from the Metropolitan Police Department who becomes associated with those involved in demonic activities. She finds it strange that the police isn’t doing anything against the demons, so she tries to help Haruto with whatever she can.

Shigeru Wajima played by Hisahiro Ogura
He is the creator of the magic rings Haruto uses to become Wizard. He created the rings by infusing the magic inside jewels into rings. Though Wajima created the rings, he doesn't know what magic each ring holds. The rings have to be used in order to know what magic it holds.

Wajima becomes the caretaker for Haruto and Koyomi who have been living together. Haruto helps him by testing out the different rings. His antique shop will be the "hang-out" place in this series.

Shojiro Nakazawa (Magiranger, Gekiranger, Shinkenger, Gokaiger) will direct the series. Kida Tsuyoshi (Kamen Rider Hibiki's first half) is the show's head writer. While Taakaki Utsunomiya (Shinkenger, Gokaiger) will produce the series, this is his first time to produce a Kamen Rider series.

Golden Bomber vocalist Kiriyuin Shou will perform the show's opening theme. Kamen Rider Wizard premieres this September 2 in TV-Asahi's Super Hero Time block!

Source: Rising Sun Tokusatsu (link 2), JEFusion, Henshin Justice

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