Saturday, May 5, 2012

Favorite Former Gundam Rivals Turned Allies

The official Gundam portal site Gundam.Info posted the results of their poll that asked fans to name their favorite teams of former rivals throughout the Gundam franchise.

Among the 7,362 votes cast by the self-selected respondents, these were the results:

  1. Char and Amuro during U.C.0087 - 46.55% 
  2. Kira and Athrun (Gundam SEED) - 30.20% 
  3. Gundam Meister and Graham (Gundam 00) - 12.35% 
  4. Zechs and the Gundam Pilots (Gundam Wing) - 3.31% 
  5. Jamil and Lancerow (Gundam X) - 2.99% 
  6. Asemu and Zehart (Gundam AGE) - 2.88% 
  7. Domon and the Gundam Alliance (G Gundam) - 1.73%

The survey was conducted among the users of the portal site between April 16 and April 22.

via Anime News Network

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