Saturday, April 7, 2012

Super Hero Taisen Additional 2ch Spoilers

A few days ago, a pre-screening for Kamen Rider x Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen happened in Japan and so, people who visited the event posted what they saw on 2ch that also includes the full movie summary. But since the summary is quite confusing, I decided to just post some random details coming from the movie!

  • GoseiRed only had lines when Decade faced him and while helping Decade in the final battle. GoseiPink seemed to be the original actress too.

  • Red One, another one with the original actor, didn't speak much.

  • No references to the Decade x Shinkenger crossover.

  • BLACK says "Stop, Nobuhiko!" while facing Shadow Moon and does a combined attack with Red Mask.

  • Most Rider and Sentai combos were based on time of broadcasting. Among the exceptions there was Skyrider and Jetman with an aerial attack.

  • Eiji's turn is about as big as Double's in Movie Wars MEGAMAX. He has some odd quotes like "As long as us, Super Heroes, are here..." The Go-Busters' operator and Commander appeared, but didn't have many words. The only Buddyroid that really got to speak was Usada Lettuce in the robot scene.

  • The final battle apparently was very good - it had various moments like the Magiranger rescuing Hibiki and combining their powers to immobilize the enemy and destroy them - or BLACK being beaten up by Shadow Moon while asking him to stop, only for the Maskmen arrive and together they stop him with a combination of their aura power and BLACK's Rider Kick.

  • He couldn't catch Double and Accel's voices, but it seems that the original actors didn't return this time.

  • When Narutaki reveals himself, he says that he's journey won't end while Decade lives and disappears through a dimensional wall. Decade wonders about what the hell Narutaki is.

  • The Double Births and other secondary Riders were in the final battle too.

  • In the final battle, out of the secondary Riders, only Accel, the two Births and Meteor received actual screentime.

  • Fourze uses his Magnet States to kill Apollo Geist.

  • The only one who ever uses Gokai Changes (outside of the OOO one) is Marvelous. It seems that he borrowed the powers of the Sentai teams who were playing dead.

  • Action isn't that flashy. Fourze and Meteor are somewhat awkward.

  • Kaitou says that Tsukasa had been traveling by himself before he reappeared as the "Great Leader".

  • Fourze and Red Buster arrive in their motorcycles for the final battle.

  • The additional Rangers of Go-Busters didn't appear. When the Gokaiger turned into OOO, they immediately went for the bazooka finisher, rather than fighting individually for a while. The flow of the battle is basically -> OOO and Gokaiger are losing to Hunter Silver -> Red One is fighting near by and tells them to not give up -> OOO throws his Medals to the Gokaiger, which become Keys -> The Gokaiger transform and pose -> They summon the bazook and ram it on Hunter -> They fire, destroying Hunter.

  • Den-O was talkative during his fighting footage and he switched between the four main forms.

  • Brajira introduces himself as "I'm Brajira of Dai-Zangyack". The voice actor seemed to be the original. Mezool had no lines.

  • The two Births talk to each other during the final battle.

Kamen Rider x Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen premieres this April 21st.

Translated by an anon from 4chan's /m/ board

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