Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Past Rider Actors Expressed Their Thoughts About Shigeru Araki's Passing

With the passing of Shigeru Araki, best known for his role as Shigeru Jou aka Kamen Rider Stronger, some past Kamen Rider actors expressed their thoughts about his passing.

Hiroshi Fujioka, best known for his role as Takeshi Hongo aka Kamen Rider 1 expressed his thoughts about the passing on a man he considered his younger brother on an interview in Sports Hochi. He says, "He was always cheerful and positive, and he would always do his best. He was full of energy. We were friends who worked together many times, so my heart hurts very much. It was far too soon. I’m very sorry to lose him."

Fujioka appeared in the final episode of Kamen Rider Stronger as Takeshi Hongo aka Kamen Rider 1. He again worked with Araki in a drama called, "Tokusou Saizensen". Approximately 3 years earlier, Araki called Fujioka and they reunited. "I want to do my best, along with you and our other Rider friends," Araki had said passionately, Fujioka recalls.

The last time the two met was in the wake of their fellow Tokusou co-star, Hideaki Nitani. They were so busy during that time that they can only greet one another. Fujioka thought that Araki was just fine during that time.

Ryo Hayami, best known for his role as Keisuke Jin aka Kamen Rider X posted his thoughts on his blog. He wonders if the man has any regrets in his life and recalls the last time the two met 5 or 6 years ago at Denny's in Shibuya during the time he was still strong. The two had different company during that time so they went to their respective tables.

The two later talked about Araki's esophageal cancer and Hayami tried to sympathized by talking about his stomach ulcer that happened 5 years ago. This is when he commented about "Death being not that scary."

At the end of his post, he compares Araki with the samurais of the past. Just like Fujioka, Hayami also appeared in the final episode of Kamen Rider Stronger as Keisuke Jin aka Kamen Rider X.

Lastly, Shunsuke Takasugi, best known for his role as Kazuya Oki aka Kamen Rider Super-1 posted in his blog about how shocked he his about the death of a fellow Rider actor. Until now, he still can't believe about the man's passing. He expressed that we should pray so that his soul will rest in peace.

If you are interested in reading the full entries, you can check these links. For the full Hiroshi Fujioka interview, its here. For the full Ryo Hayami blog entry, its here and for the full Shunsuke Takasugi blog entry, its here.

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