Saturday, April 14, 2012

Gundam AGE-3 Alternate Wears Revealed

With Mobile Suit Gundam AGE entering its third story arc soon, here are some updates on the show's main Gundam, the Gundam AGE-3's two alternate Wears that were simply identified as Wear A and B in earlier reports.

AGE-3's first wear is called AGE-3 Fortress that is composed of Artillery AGE-3 arm, Heavyweight AGE-3 leg and AGE-3 Normal Core G-Wear Core. It is armed with 4 plasma cannons that is mounted on the shoulders and the arms. Adding the heavy leg parts that fortify its position when firing all 4 of the powerful plasma canons.

AGE-3's second wear is called AGE-3 Orbital that is composed of Longbarrel Rifle Arm, Highspeed Type Leg and AGE-3 Normal Core G-Wear Core. It is armed with parts meant for outer space combat as the name suggested it. AGE-3 Orbital's speed highly increases with these wear parts and is armed with a long-range blaster rifle.

Kio Asuno's story arc will take place 50 years after Flit Asuno's story arc and it will begin this April 29th.

via Gideon Burogu

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