Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ultraman Sisters Character Update

With the new Ultraman Sisters light novel to be released this month, more details about it were released in public! In this Ultraman light novel spin-off, a girl named Akari Tsukijima must take the mantle as the hero of light, Ultraman!

On the right is big brother Shōta Tsukishima, beloved by his little sister Akari. She sadly died in an accident, but is brought back to life as Ultraman! It was announced that she will transform into Ultraman Jeanne (right foreground).

On the left are Miya Tachibana and Yuki Kisaragi, wearing the uniform of the Ultra Peace Defense Office, BURK, but no further information about them has been released. It's also unclear who transforms into Ultraman Amour (left foreground).

Tsuburaya Productions (the original producers of the Ultraman TV series) are supervising the project. Yuuji Kobayashi (Ultraman Moebius and Mega Monster Battle Ultra Galaxy) is writing the light novel, which goes on sale March 17th from PHP Kenkyuujo for 650 yen (about US $8.50).

via Crunchyroll News

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