Saturday, March 3, 2012

Rin Honoka Joins Kamen Rider Fourze Cast!

With Kamen Rider Fourze almost reaching the 30 episode mark, another cast member will join the series! Actress Rin Honoka will join the series staring the show's 29th episode. She will play a new character named Ran Kuroki.

Because of this, fans are starting to speculate what will be her role in the series. Could it be she is will become part of the Kamen Rider Club or become part of the Horoscopes?

The kanji for her name Ran Kuroki (黒木蘭) means "black, tree, orchid". Some speculates that she might be the Virgo Zodiarts. To back this up, the kanji for the old Chinese tale Mulan is 花木蘭 with 木蘭 meaning Mulan. This kanji, 黒 means dark, evil or evil. Put it together, we have an evil Mulan.

Or she can be either Capricorn or Gemini Zodiarts, since Capricorn is romanized as Kapurikorn, which just has an extra 'p' from Ran Kuroki. For Gemini, 黒木蘭 are three symmetrical words.

News source: DecaEnd of HJU
Kanji lessons and speculation stuff: lazycoconut of HJU, KamenRiderUNDERGROUND of HJU (link 2)

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