Friday, March 2, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze March Episode Guide

With the recent info we had for Kamen Rider Meteor Storm, here are the summaries for the Kamen Rider Fourze episodes that will air this March!

Episode 25: Graduation Reluctance (3/4)
It's about time the seniors are about to graduate, Shun decides to invite Mio to be a prom date at the Prom Dance party. Meanwhile, the seniors who were the defeated Zodiarts in past battle, had return.

Episode 26: Round Dance Perfection (3/11)
Finally, it's the day of the Prom Dance Party. However, all the Zodiarts that Fourze had defeated got their powers back and attack Fourze. Fourze and the members of KRC are trying their best to protect the Prom Party from being ruined. Something's seems not right!

Episode 27: Transformation Dismissed (3/18)
It was spring break. Apparently, Ryusei was in a fight with Cancer Zodiarts. Ryusei, as Meteor attempts to pull the cosmic energy out of Cancer's body! What is he trying to attempt?

Episode 28: Re-booted Stormy Star (3/25)
Ryusei's friend, Jiro's health is beginning to rapidly deteriorating...

Translated by Gideon Burogu

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