Monday, April 9, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze April Episode Guide

After the additional info about Fourze Cosmic States, here are the episode summaries of Kamen Rider Fourze for the month of April. As Gentaro, Kengo, Yuki and Ryusei enter their 3rd year in High School, what interesting things will happen to them?

Episode 29: Silent Junior (4/1)
Gentaro, Yuki, Kengo and Ryusei are now 3rd year students, and their homeroom teacher is non other than Mr. Ohsugi!? As the 1st year juniors are admitted to school, Gentaro tries to befriend the new 1st year students, Ran & Haru. However, Libra had given Haru a Zodiarts Switch.

Episode 30: Useless Senior (4/8)
Haru pressed the Zodiarts Switch and became a Zodiarts. Gentaro & Ran tries to save Haru and persuade him to stop using the Switch.

Episode 31: Kingdom of Pleiades (4/15)
Ryuusei was transferred to Amanogawa to sought the Aries Zodiarts, but he didn't expected that the switcher also transferred to his previous school, Subaraboshi High School.

Finding out from Yuki and JK that it's Yamada Tatsumori from the drama club, Ryuusei quickly decides to go back to Subaraboshi himself. Ohsugi suggested that Gentaro, Kengo, and Yuuki to go with him to experience enrollment.

Episode 32: Super Space Sword (4/22)
Yamada claims himself to be "King of Subaraboshi." He wants not only the students, but also the teachers to become actors of the "Subaraboshi Kingdom." If they don't act accordingly, their actions will start to slow down and even result to eternal sleep.

Yuki, Miu, Shun, JK, and Tomoko reads the script, but it was very cruel and gruesome. Called "War in School," the scene shows betrayers getting killed. And the first one to be executed is Shirakawa from the Literature club... Ryusei gets in the way of Gentaro and gang who were attempting to stop the new Zodiarts. However, Gentaro ends up in grave danger!

Episode 33: Ancient City of Mayhem (4/29)
Gentaro, Kengo, Yuki & Ryusei went to a school field trip to Kyoto. The yearly study trip in Autumn has changed to commence in Spring. Instead of visiting the NASA museum, the destination has changed to Kyoto. Yuki immediately splits the class into groups, but Yukina Takamura who is close with Yuki did not get assigned into a group.

UPDATE: Added additional summaries for episodes 31-33.

Source: Gideon Burogu, JEFusion

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