Monday, February 27, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze Summer Movie Filming Begins!

If you are living in Japan and a fan of Kamen Rider Fourze, good news! Kyoto Studio Park announced that the filming for Kamen Rider Fourze's summer movie will happen soon! Just like last year, the Kamen Rider Fourze summer movie will be double-billed with the Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters summer movie.

Here are the details found on the site:

The filming of Fourze's upcoming summer movie will be held on Tuesday 2/28. This is a unique opportunity for fans to tour the filming set! Please do come to the set.

Special Appearances:
Souta Fukushi (Gentaro Kisaragi/Kamen Rider Fourze)
Ryuki Takahashi (Kengo Utahoshi)
Fumika Shimizu (Yuki Jojima)
Ryo Yoshizawa (Ryusei Sakuta/Kamen Rider Meteor)

  • Depending on weather circumstances, there's a possibility that shooting schedule will change or discontinue.
  • Kamen Rider Fourze & Kamen Rider Meteor Suit actors will also be on the scene for the transformation shoot
  • Fan's may be cast as civilians at the shoot, the admission is limited to a certain number

To those who are not aware of the location, Kyoto Studio Park was used in lot of Japanese TV period dramas and movies. The studio park features a collection of replicas of traditional Japanese buildings which are used as setting for historical movies and television dramas. The set was last used in Kamen Rider in the Kamen Rider OOO summer movie, Kamen Rider OOO WONDERFUL Shogun and 21 Medals.

Source: Cinema Today, Toei Eigamura via Gideon Burogu

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