Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kamen Rider Fourze 22 – Great Teacher Utsugi

Sup, teach.

Continuing what was left last episode, the Kamen Rider Club just learned that Ms. Haruka Utsugi is the Pegasus Zodiarts and Gentaro now wants to confront her so that she will hand the Switch. In other news, Libra is being put in the sidelines as Virgo takes action in taking care of the Pegasus and Meteor.

The second part of the Pegasus Zodiarts story arc continues to pull more red herrings even if Pegasus admitted that she is Ms. Utsugi, 2-B's new Homeroom teacher. What do I mean by more red herrings? In the episode, Kijima knows Ms. Utsugi's mannerisms such as her touching her cheek when she is lying. Seriously, the guy is on the Rakugo Club, a club that specializes more on wordplay, so why is Kijima aware of Ms. Utsugi's mannerisms even if she is not his teacher? Speaking of Ms. Utsugi, she is not aware that she is the Pegasus Zodiarts but there is one scene where she touches her stomach, the same spot were Kamen Rider Meteor hit the Pegasus Zodiarts. What's more is that she touched her cheek when Gentaro asked her if she has a Switch! Does this mean that Ms. Utsugi is indeed Pegasus or another Zodiarts that we are not aware of?

Since we talk about Ms. Utsugi, it turns out that she just wants to be a kick boxer, but she is not sure if she can make a living out of it, that is why she is still stuck as a teacher. I still find it funny that Gentaro is the one who lectured Ms. Utsugi about taking two paths in life, the same thing he did as Fourze. It was cool when you think about it since in the previous episode, Gentaro placed in his career consultation form that he wants to walk the "straight narrow path", a phrase that doesn't make sense until he explained it in this episode and became part of Ms. Utsugi's ideology at the end.

It feels like Gentaro is smart in terms of philosophy. More on Ms. Utsugi in this episode, her beating the crap out of Gentaro with her skills was amazing. What's more is at the end, after getting her resolution; she continues to beat Gentaro, but this time as his fight instructor! Another thing I like about Ms. Utsugi in this episode is that she teaches Gentaro some moves while he was fighting the Pegasus Zodiarts. It feels like, finally she started to act more as Gentaro's homeroom teacher and not some teacher who is forced to be on that job.

Meteor in this episode was amazing, both in suit and out of suit. Ryusei did a good job as a detective as he was able to tie in a lot of small hints to figure out the true identity of the Pegasus Zodiarts... with a little help from the Virgo Zodiarts that he faced earlier as Meteor. As for his fights, it is still amazing, one thing that bothers me during with his fight with Virgo or Pegasus, he doesn't use his mini planets as weapons, but relies more on his fists and legs. Granted, his fights were amazing, but it feels like those skills were underused. Heck, he can use the Saturn move on Virgo when she is on flight mode, but nope, what he did is to use strong rapid punches on her. Just like I mention last time, the issue about Ryusei running away was addressed in this episode, thanks to JK. It was fun seeing Ryusei having more dilemmas that he can't transform in front of the KRC as Kamen Rider Meteor, but what's more fun is that the ones who stopped him from doing that was JK, a coward in the group. But even if he is quite a coward, he was able to defend himself against the Pegasus Zodiarts thanks to his break dancing skills... while Ryusei was just standing there, doing nothing.

Now to the fun part of the episode, Fourze using more Switches! With the series almost done completing all 40 Main Switches, I was expecting that Fourze will spam the newer Switches, but nope, I was wrong. Turns out that Fourze finds a way on how to use all of the Switches! The Switch action in the episode was amazing. Even if the Switch that I thought was considered forgotten such as Water, Stealth and Beat were used in the episode! Fourze's use of the Switches were amazing in this episode since he doesn't wait for Kengo to call the shots on what Switch he will use, which makes it more awesome. Heck, he was able to pull of some effecting Switch combos such as Stealth and Wheel. Hopefully, we will see more Switch flipping action in the following weeks.

Finally, the true identity of the Pegasus Zodiarts, like I said earlier, this episode continues to pull more red herrings in this episode. Turns out that the leader of the Rakugo Club, Kijima is the Pegasus Zodiarts! As for his motivation on why he became a Zodiarts, the old revenge side plot was overused, and that it felt boring, but picking up a Switch, imitate the movements of the person you hate, and frame her up? That's pure genius.

It is quite rare to have that kind of a revenge plot. As for his continuing motivation in being a Zodiarts, it feels like, "Heck, being is powerful and evil is sure is fun, why not continue doing it?" So yeah, I am starting to like Kijima. What's more, he evolved into the Cancer Zodiarts that gave us an idea on how evolution works in the series. Asides from having overcoming the Last One phase, the Zodiarts must reunite with his or her body to evolve into a Horoscope. Well that seems clear enough. With Kijima now as the Cancer Zodiarts, can the Kamen Rider Club stop the Horoscopes now that they have a new member?

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