Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Go-Busters: All Buster Machines, Mobilize!

With Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters just starting this week, here are the latest scans for the series that features the Vaglass Megazords that the Go-Busters and the Energy Management Center will face soon.

In the scan above, the Go-BusterAce will face the following Megazords in the upcoming weeks: a Megazord that can fly and a Megazord that has a slicer for an arm.

In the two top scans, we saw the three Buster Machines in their respective vehicle modes and animal modes in a rampage less CB-01 Cheetah, namely from left to right: GT-02 Gorilla, Blue Buster's Buster Machine, which combines with Banana Gorisaki. Its Buster Vehicle mode takes the form of a truck, while its gorilla Buster Animal mode has immense strength. RH-03 Rabbit, Yellow Buster's Buster Machine, which combines with Retasu Usada. Its Buster Vehicle mode takes the form of a helicopter, while its rabbit Buster Animal mode can jump very high.

Lastly, the CB-01 Cheetah, Red Buster's Buster Machine, which Nick Cheeda combines with to form the steering wheel. The CB-01 Cheetah's Buster Vehicle mode takes the form of a super car, while its cheetah Buster Animal mode is even faster. The CB-01 Cheetah can also assume a Megazord mode on its own. On the bottom right, we see Yellow Buster performing high leaps and Blue Buster demonstrating his strength and his ability to create shock waves.

In this scan, we saw the Go-Busters in action as they fight a new Metaroid created by Enter thanks to his MetaVirus cards. You can also see in the bottom left in the scan the respective weaknesses of the Go-Busters, namely Hiromu aka Red Buster freezes when he sees a chicken, Blue Buster can't stand too long and Yellow Buster losing her energy and must refuel by eating sweets.

In this scan, on the left is the lyrics for the show's opening theme, "Busters, Ready Go!"and on the right is the Go-Busters interacting with their partner Buddyroids. Nick is bandaging Hiromu's hand, Gorisaki is massaging his partner, Ryuki, Youko hanging out with Usada, Usada talking to the new operator, Miho, Gorisaki and Usada pushing carts and Hiromu refueling Nick.

At the bottom left in this final scan, you can see the Go-Busters' main Megazord, the Go-BusterOh! It will happen once all three Buster Machines will combine! With the shadowed scan in the bottom, this awaited formation will happen either this April or May.

Scans courtesy of 4chan's /m/ board

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