Thursday, February 23, 2012

AU Riders Dilemma on Super Hero Taisen, Answered by Movie Producer

With Kamen Rider x Super Sentai: Super Hero Taisen airing this April, a lot of fans started to question if this movie is part of both Kamen Rider and Super Sentai continuities. The movie's producer, S. Shirakura answers those questions via Twitter.

In the first question asked by @lazyjamdcd, he was asked, "Are the Riders in the movie the parallel-world Riders?"

@cron204 By "parallel" do you mean that each one has their own independent world, like in Decade? If that's what you mean, the series that would seem to occur in the same world, like Fourze or Gokaiger, would contradict one another, so we established a compromise.

The fan further asked, "So the Riders in Decade weren't AU after all? So then, what about the Riders this time? Like, which Yusuke will be Kuuga?"

@cron204 @lazyjamdcd It interferes with Fourze, which followed right in Decade's footsteps with the past Riders existing as urban legends. The currently-airing show gets precedence, so we have to work at it.

UPDATE: Producer Shirakura again answered another question concerning the movie.

@cron204 @korohito7 We created Decade so it could coexist with the other shows without interfering with them, but we want to avoid the impression that even the currently-airing Fourze is part of Decade. Therefore I would be grateful if you would interpret that to mean "parallel" or what have you.

Source: nerefir of HJU (link 2)

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