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WHO SUBS WHAT: Kamen Rider

For the sake of public service and for me to stop writing a long post about the groups related to fan subbing, here's the list of all the groups who subs Kamen Rider along with their links. I will also do a list for Super Sentai, Ultraman and if lucky enough, Metal Heroes.

Kamen Rider
NOTES: The group decided to divide the series into two, namely season 1 and season 2. Season one consist of all episodes that is related Shocker which AFAIK last for at least 51 episodes. After this, it is not sure if they will continue with it or let another group finish it.

Kamen Rider V3
GROUP: Generation Kikaida (Licensed)
NOTES: It aired in Hawaii years ago along with Kikaider, Kikaider 01, Inazuman and JAKQ. The box set contains a lot of really nifty special features and according to some reviews, it is worth buying. But for those who don't want to buy the set, you can download the series online with subs. How? Google it.

Kamen Rider X
GROUP: KITSubs (Dropped) | Order of Zeronos

Kamen Rider Amazon
GROUP: Hi no Tori Fansubs
NOTES: This is the first Showa Era series that is completely subbed that is not licensed.

Kamen Rider Stonger
GROUP: Midnight Crew Subs w/ KITSubs
NOTES: MCS w/ KITSubs has finished subbing the series and they have plans to release a batch torrent following the format of the later MCS w/KITSubs releases.

New Kamen Rider aka Skyrider
NOTES: This is the group's other main project.

Kamen Rider Super-1
NOTES: One of the group's side projects.

Birth of the 10th! Kamen Riders All Together!!
GROUP: Midnight Crew Subs
NOTES: It is also known as the Kamen Rider ZX TV Special. MCS plans to release v2 of the movie.

Kamen Rider BLACK
GROUP: Century Kings (Alt DDL Link)
NOTES: The group also subbed BLACK's two movies.

Kamen Rider BLACK RX
GROUP: Stone
NOTES: I asked Fantasy Leader (Translated Dairanger for Hikari-Senshi) to check if the subs are worth watching. According to him, there are some minor errors in the subs, but overall, the subs are understandable.

Shin: A Kamen Rider Prologue
NOTES: This is one of TV-Nihon's projects based from the Showa Era, it was later followed up by ZO.

Kamen Rider ZO
GROUP: TV-Nihon | MegaAnon (Scrub)
NOTES: TV-Nihon's other project from the Showa Era. MegaAnon later scrubbed the movie.

Kamen Rider J
GROUP: Century Kings and SkewedS | MegaAnon (Scrub)
NOTES: This is a collaboration between two fansub groups. Also, MegaAnon released the movie along with the Kamen Rider World special.

Kamen Rider Kuuga
GROUP: TV-Nihon | Midnight Crew Subs
NOTES: The first three groups weren't able to finish the series, according to TV-Nihon, they will try to finish the series. Midnight Crew Subs finished subbing the series last year and was able to sub the New Year Special and the Hyper Battle Video. MCS is currently remastering the series now with Grongi translations.

Kamen Rider Agito
GROUP: Cruel Angel | GomenRider | Midnight Crew Subs (Ryuki HBV) | TV-Nihon
NOTES: Cruel Angel completed the series years ago and is best known for its bad aspect ratio and one episode compressed into one. To make things worse, they sell their fansubs! The group also subbed the Special and the Kamen Rider Agito: Project G4 movie.

GomenRider is done subbing the series, which includes the Project G4 movie in Blu-ray quality. TV-Nihon just started subbing the series.

Kamen Rider Ryuki
GROUP: TV-Nihon | Sub-Vent
NOTES: TV-Nihon also subbed the Kamen Rider Ryuki Episode Final Director's Cut movie and the 13 Riders TV Special. Current status of RyugaAnon's scrub project is unknown as of this writing. This is also Sub-Vent's first project.

Kamen Rider 555
GROUP: TV-Nihon | JettoSubs (Scrub)
NOTES: 555 is TV-Nihon's first project and is now remastering it with DVD RAWS. The group also subbed the Kamen Rider 555: Paradise Lost Director's Cut movie and the HBV.

Kamen Rider Blade
NOTES: TV-Nihon also subbed the Kamen Rider Blade: Missing Ace movie (both versions) and the HBV. This is NDA's second project.

Kamen Rider Hibiki
GROUP: TV-Nihon | KITScrubs (Scrub)
NOTES: TV-Nihon also subbed the Kamen Rider Hibiki and the Seven War Oni movie (both versions) and the HBV. KITSubs is scrubbing it under the name, KITScurbs with better RAWS and softsubs.

Kamen Rider Kabuto
GROUP: TV-Nihon | Clocked-Up Scrubs
NOTES: TV-Nihon also subbed the Kamen Rider Kabuto GOD SPEED LOVE movie (both versions) and the HBV. MCS dropped the scrub project. This is also Clocked-Up Scrubs' first project.

Kamen Rider Den-O
NOTES: TV-Nihon also subbed all of Kamen Rider Den-O's movies. MCS dropped the scrub project.

Kamen Rider Kiva
NOTES: TV-Nihon also subbed Kamen Rider Den-O: Climax Deka in which Kiva makes his appearance, Kamen Rider Kiva: The King of Hell's Castle movie (both versions) and the HBV.

Kamen Rider Decade
GROUP: TV-Nihon | NTN | MegaAnon (Scrub) | MillionFold Curiosity
NOTES: TV-Nihon also subbed the Den-O movie which is directly related to Decade's Den-O World arc, Kamen Rider Decade: All Riders vs. Dai Shocker (both versions), Movie Wars 2010 and the HBV.

MegaAnon restarted his Kamen Rider Decade scrub project under MillionFold Curiosity after Over-Time's Magenta offered him to translate the series from scratch. Will remove MegaAnon scrub link after they release the first batch torrent.

Kamen Rider W (Double)
GROUP: W-Time | TV-Nihon
NOTES: This is W-Time's first project and the highly recommended version to watch. Both groups also subbed the following: Movie Wars 2010 (W-Time only did the DC), Kamen Rider W FOREVER (both versions), Movie Wars CORE, Accel RETURNS, Eternal RETURNS and the HBV.

Kamen Rider OOO
GROUP: Over-Time | TV-Nihon
NOTES: W-Time renamed their group into Over-Time for the series. Both groups also subbed Movie Wars CORE and likely to sub the HBV, OOO WONDERFUL and the Fourze x OOO crossover movie.

Kamen Rider Fourze
GROUP: Over-Time | Aesir | TV-Nihon
NOTES: This is Aesir's 1st Kamen Rider project.

Kamen Rider Wizard
GROUP: Over-Time | TV-Nihon

Kamen Rider Gaim
GROUP: Aesir | TV-Nihon
NOTES: Gaim is Aesir's 2nd Kamen Rider project.

Kamen Rider Drive
GROUP: Over-Time | TV-Nihon

  • Will update this post constantly.
  • The term "scrubbing" or "scrub" means cleaning up an existing sub. By cleaning, it includes using a better RAW (perfect example, GomenRider's Agito releases), removing the honorifics, fix some wordings and remove unnecsary Japanese terms that doesn't have much meaning to the series' enjoyment.

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