Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Female Red Samurai Ranger Coming Soon?

After Antonio aka Gold Samurai Ranger's sparkling debut in Power Rangers Samurai, fans are now expecting that anytime soon will be the debut of the female Red Samurai Ranger and here are the first set of rumors.

Take these rumors as a grain of salt.

New Zealand actress, Kimberly Crossman is said to portray the role of female Red Samurai Ranger rumored to be named Lauren or Megan. The reason why she is suspected to play for the said role is because of her following tweets.

  • Sore arms from Samurai fighting today - feel like I'm getting better, thanks to @LeeDonoghue for recommending watching Kill Bill!!
  • GOOOOODMORNING !!! another early start today - Time to show off my Samurai skills.....
  • So sore already... yikkeesss still all afternoon to go - need to work on my fitness and strength - this sword fighting is killing me!

Take note that Paul Schrier and Rick Medina's involvement with Power Rangers Samurai was first hinted via their respective Facebook status messages, in her case via Twitter. Also, Hector David, Jr. who plays the role of Mike aka Green Samurai Ranger also mentioned on Twitter that filming for the series is still on-going while stunt actor, Namihei Koshinge posted on his blog that he is filming for Power Rangers' last episode.

Because of this, fans believed that the second season will use the Goseiger footage or pull another Zyu2 in which they used the Dairanger mecha and weapons and retain the Zyuranger suits.

Source: Henshin Grid

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