Thursday, November 11, 2010

Kamen Rider OOO Tajadoru & Shauta Combos Official Images... with more Birth!

Just recently, the latest toy catalog for Kamen Rider OOO has been posted online and it features a much closer look on Birth and the official first images of OOO Tajadoru Combo and OOO Shauta Combo!

First up, let's focus on Birth!

On your left is the image of the Birth Driver and how it functions. As seen in this scan, he insert a man-made Cell Medal (These medals are said that came from Yoroi Musha Kaijin from Movie Wars Core) for its user to utilize the belt, then, moves the lever for him to transform. With it, the center of the belt opens, basing on the arrows seen in the illustration.

Comes with 2 Cell Medals, the Kani (Crab) Medals and the Sasori (Scorpion) Medals.

The Core Medals and Cell Medals that made-up Yoroi Musha Kaijin's body is the Ebi (Shrimp) Medals, Kani (Crab) Medals and Sasori (Scorpion) Medals. But in this scan, Birth doesn't have the Ebi Medals.

Aside from that, it is much confirmed that Birth is indeed, a gachapon-based Rider. Aside from that, we saw a shot of the Birth Buster, Birth's personal gun at the bottom in which he inserts Cell Medals for him to do a strong attack.

Here's the image of the Birth Buster! As seen in this scan, he insert Cell Medals, then pulls up the gun, and much like G3-X back then, this is a Gatling gun! Cool!

These Cell Medals here are modified man-made cell medals developed by the scientist in the Research Department of the Kougami Foundation. They are meant to be used to destroy the Greeeds and the Yummies, not to feed them.

The Birth buster had a cylindrical slot to filled in several cell medals do the basic shooting and the final attack.

Here's Birth's gimmick, and to those who hate to check my previous article, here's the list of gimmicks that Birth utilizes! For him to activate or to summon (maybe) any of the weapons he needs, he turns the knob again and turned it till there's another colored light flashes and makes a sound effect for the arms.

Aside from that, according to the catalog pics, these six weapons will form a scorpion like mecha that could aid Birth during battle.

Here's the list of gimmicks that Birth has:
- When the capsule on the chest is Red, the Breast Cannon (I am serious) is activated.
- Green on the right arm is the Crane Arm.
- Blue on the right hand is the the Drill Arm.
- Orange left hand is Shovel Arm.
- Purple legs are Caterpillar Legs.
- Yellow back is Cutter Wings.

Now with the OOO Tajadoru and Shauta Combo scans!

Here's OOO Tajadoru Spinner, this is the rumored bowgun, this will be one of OOO weapons.

For him to use this one, he must press the button, which flips the top out and he can insert which seems to be Core Medals, kinda like W's Prism Biker, and the O Scanner scans all the 7 medals in the spinner and will slide all the way to the other end of the spinner creating the Giga Scan attack.

Here's a half body shot for OOO Shauta Combo. Using Mezool's Cores, the Shachi (orca/killer whale), Unagi (eel) and Tako (octopus) Core Medals, he Eiji can transform into this powerful combo!

If you have already noticed, the Tajadoru Combo is different from other full combos already shown in the series, let alone it has a different head, chest symbol (which looks cool), and 2nd Core Medal (see top post image). He is considered to be OOO's mid season upgrade.

During Scanning Charge, Kamen Rider OOO Tajadoru Combo will sprout some kind of wings on its back, hence the bird theme, and accordingly, the Condor Legs will turn a bird's talons while Shauta Combo will have four legs to represent the Octopus Code Medal on its legs. It is said that the Unagi Arm's whips might be detachable.

According to the toy releases, in late December, Kamen Rider Birth will be debut in TV series after the Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider OOO & W feat. Skull: Movie Wars Core film. Kamen Rider OOO Tajadoru Combo will debut on January 2011 while Shauta Combo will be on February 2011.

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