Wednesday, July 30, 2014

NHK World Special to Feature Ultraman Ginga S & Godzilla

To commemorate the new Godzilla film and the franchise's 60th anniversary, NHK World will air a special program featuring Japanese special effects (tokusatsu)!

Kamen Rider Drive Behind the Scenes Featuring Form Switching?!

Another behind the scenes shot of Kamen Rider Drive has surfaced online, which features the crew helping the suit actor remove his helmet.

Additional Attack on Titan Films Additional Cast Members Revealed

The cast and the details of the upcoming live-action Attack on Titan film or should I say, films. Both films are slated to open summer 2015.

ToQGer: Hyper ToQ-1 Coming this September

Aside from revealing Emperor Z's monster form, the latest issue of Televi-kun also teased a form ToQ-1 will get in Ressha Sentai ToQGer this September.

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